(CLOSED)Make Up For Ever Technicolor Eye Palette Giveaway!

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette

I thought we’d start our trek into Fall with some CoLoR! I know a lot of you makeup lovers out there love color and some of you just haven’t gotten into it….yet. I figured this would be a great way to get going if you are new to colorful eyeshadows. If you already love bright colors you can add this palette to your stash of many colors!








International readers are welcome to enter as always. Please use the Rafflecopter tool below to enter and win!

Good luck!

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  1. Nadine Fares says

    I have not tried MUFE eye shadows, but I would love to. I heard that they are very pigmented. Thank you for the giveaway:)

  2. Liz D says

    I’ve really only tried MUFE face products and would love to try eyeshadows, not to mention bright ones! I’ve been searching for a good pallet for that.

  3. Carrie Sessa says

    I’ve never tried MUFE eyeshadows but I have used their eyeliners and aquacreams they are amazing so I’m sure their eyeshadows would be too! Thank you so much crystal for this great giveaway!

  4. Brittany Boney says

    No I haven’t tried their eyeshadows but I would love to. The palette looks very pigmented. I have heard great things about their eyeshadows from YouTube:)

  5. Ambreen Maqsood says

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway & though i have heard good things, i have never tries Makeup for ever eyeshadows.

  6. Maisha Akbar says

    I’ve never tired any Make-up forever eyeshadows or any of there other products! It’s too expensive for me right now, but one day I will be able to afford it :)

  7. Maria J. says

    I have not tried Make Up Forever Eyeshadows, but I have swatched them whenever I’ve visited Sephora and they’re quite pigmented. I like their shadows based on my swatches, the prices….not so much.

  8. Marie says

    Hi Crystal !

    I’ve never tried MUFE e/s though I LOVE their MAT+ foundation so I would love to :) Thanks for all the giveaways

  9. Cassandra says

    I have never tried MUFE at all, but I’ve been very curious about it and would love to try that gorgeous palette ;)

  10. Leslie says

    I’ve never tried the makeup forever brand before but I’ve seen a lot if their stuff lately through friends. This looks like an awesome palette. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Rosalind Hall-Sharp says

    I love this palette! I would love to win it! Thank you so much for the give away! Hope you are having a great Labor Day!

  12. Kathy says

    Another giveaway?! You are awesome. Love watching your vlogs and hauls. I haven’t seen Jinx in awhile. So sad because I had a cat that looked like him. Maybe post a pic on Instagram sometime…thanks.

  13. Galliesallie says

    I have never tried their eye shadows but when hubby asked what I wanted for Xmas 2 years ago I said cash. He was shocked but I found $ in my stocking and ran to Sephora and got the MUF HD foundation, which I love.

  14. Tanya says

    I have never tried anything from MUFE, but I hear amazing reviews all over Youtube! Plus it’s always fun to experiment with colors.

  15. Kaarin says

    No I have yet to try a MUFE eyeshadow, this would be a first. I have heard great things about their products in general.

  16. Amber G says

    I haven’t tried any Make Up Forever eyeshadows before. I honestly haven’t tried any Make Up Forever products, but I would love to.

  17. Emily Rose says

    I never have and they’ve seriously been on my “Need to try” list for like four years! I just haven’t been able to commit because it’s pricy and there’s nowhere in Austalia for me to check it out in person.

  18. Oksana says

    I have never tried Make Up For Ever’s eyeshadows before! But would love too :-)!

    Thank you for the chance!


  19. Jamez says

    I absolutely love MUFE eyeshadows. I have a filled 24 eyeshadow palette already, and I’m always impressed by the pigmentation of the shadows! :)

  20. Jamie C. says

    I don’t own or have never tried MUFE Eyeshadows, I think I’ve only swatched one at Sephora and was truly impressed by it, but I haven’t tried one extensively although this is the best opportunity to try them out if I win.

  21. Victoria G says

    I have never tried any MUFE products before so that excludes eyeshadows, but i’ve been interested in testing them out!

  22. Michele says

    I have bought MUFE eyeshadows for a friend many times, but I have never treated myself to any. Strange how that works. Haha. Thank you for the give away…this would be lovely to receive. Good luck, everyone!

  23. Ria Alemina says

    I haven’t tried but i’d love to try it. That’s why i’m joining this giveaway and really hope i can win it! =D

    • says

      Her name is Andrea and I’m going to put a blog post up congratulating her shortly. I put blog posts up if I’ve been given consent by the winner to do a congrats post and use their first name. If they decline a congrats post doesn’t go up.

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