Make Up Your Mind: Express Yourself by Francois Nars

Usually I have to look at a makeup book in detail or even in person at the bookstore to tell if it’s for me. I know this one is though. Francois Nars is genius! I have so much Nars makeup. I truly stalk the brand. I’m waiting on my Dogon Eyeshadow Duo and Wonder Lip Gloss now….why can’t my best friend the UPS man come to my house first every day? Who do I have to payoff? If you know send me a private message. Oh and if you have any pull with FedEx and USPS don’t be shy! Hook me UP!


Anyway there are so many things I am looking forward to about this book. The Amazon description really got me going. This is a makeup makeover manual that celebrates self-expression. Sounds good doesn’t it? I am all over this one! If the picture above is any indication of what’s in the book, I am going to learn a lot.

It’s $25 on Amazon’s website and it’s going to be mine:)

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