Makeup Monday & 2 Regrets!

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  1. Sury Godinho says

    The voluminous mascara is soo my best friend and go to mascara. I wear it everyday. Maybe I already have good lashes but it increases the volume and lenght. I really like it, one dip for each side does the work for me and no clumps. I have to say though if I try to apply around ten coats my lashes become pretty heavy and I feel some drying. But yeah, def. a good everyday mascara for up to 5 coats to me

  2. Sury Godinho says

    The last part did not show up, but,

    Crystal I’d like to ask you, were you hired for an important government job, what lipstick would you wear, or what lipsticks would you have on hand so you can alternate? At this point I can make an investment on high end. Thanks in advance.

  3. Sury Godinho says

    Thanks alot for your reply. I will try on these nudes, esp. the ysl, nars and the gloss. But, yes, if you could suggest a subtle coulourful option in the pink range too. I have yellow undertone but I’m good with cooler undertone products too, for the winter. I am trying to build a small collection of five lipsticks just for formal occasions. Thank you kindly.

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