Mally Beach Bombshell Effortless Airbrush Eyeshadow Trio

I’ve become a sucker for Mally shadows, all of them. I love the texture and the way my lids feel while wearing them. They explain it best on in the product description for Beach Bombshell ($50) which I’ll share:

The Effortless Airbrush Eye Shadow formula isn’t a powder; it’s not a cream; it’s the most beautiful marriage of hydrating and comforting ingredients that give you a soft, radiant glow and that perfect look of airbrushing.

I am the farthest thing from a Beach Bombshell but I feel like a sexy babe when I wear this! I really like all three shades. But my favorite has to be Wine Me, Dine Me the deep burgundy in this kit. It’s a beautiful deep color that looks pretty on my eyes along with the bronze/golds that are also in the trio. I swatched all three shades on my hand for you. I wish there was some way you could feel these shades too! They are so buttery and light.

Beach Bombshell was sent to me for review but I liked it so much I purchased the other trio Earth Angel from QVC recently. I couldn’t help myself! It just came in the mail a few days ago so I’m still playing with it but I hope to swatch and review it for you soon. Check out either trio from Mally on

Rated A

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  1. Tia says

    I have a single shadow from Mally that looks just like this as far as the design in the shadow. I didn’t know there were palettes!

  2. MJ says

    Hi Crystal,
    After reading your rave reviews on Mally Cosmetics I ordered this trio from QVC too and I really love it! How do you apply them? I’m kind of a newbie with eyeshadows so I’m always looking for new ideas. Thanks

    • says

      I haven’t used all three colors at once much but I love to use the bronze shade (center color) all over my lids and use the deepest shade in Beach Bombshell around my lash line. I’ve used the deepest shade all over my lid and used the champagne shade (far left palette color) in the inner corner of my eye to brighten me up, with highlighter that looks really pretty for a nighttime look.

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