Mally Evercolor Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow Trio

I’m a little crazy about Mally. She rules my TV when she’s on QVC and she urks my husband a bit. Last week is a perfect example of how things go at the house.

Husband/QVC EasyPay Hater: (walks by the room I’m in) “I know that voice.”

Me: MALLY’s on!!!

Husband/QVC EasyPay Hater: “Order whatever you want but NO EASYPAY.”

Me: “She’s got another 10-Piece Library this time its eyeliners instead of lip gloss, I think I want it.”

Husband/QVC EasyPay Hater: “No easypay. I don’t care if it’s $1,000 I would rather feel the pain all at once than get robbed every month slowly.”

Me: “Okay, look at those colors (I point to the TV screen with glee) this is gonna be great to have!”

Husband/QVC EasyPay Hater: (leaves the room with a glass of booze and a grimace)


Everyone that knows my husband knows he’s a great sport. He never complains about anything makeup wise but EasyPay annoys the hell out of him.

I got a really cool set of three waterproof shadow shades from Mally. I love the shades in this set and the price is steep at $45 but I know I’m going to use these a lot since they are everyday easy colors to use and complicated eye looks aren’t my thing.

This set includes:

  • 0.18-oz Evercolor Cream Eye Shadow in Dusk, a burnished violet shade
  • 0.18-oz Evercolor Cream Eye Shadow in Stone, a shimmering taupe shade
  • 0.18-oz Evercolor Cream Eye Shadow in Pink Champagne, a shimmering pink shade
  • Double-ended shadow/liner brush









shadows dusk, pink champagne, and stone (left pic) and the double ended brush









dusk, pink champagne, and stone (left to right) swatched

My favorite color is Dusk. It is a purple shade but taupe-like so I love it! These last on the eyelid all day and look amazing. I’ve worn them alone, together (dusk and pink champagne=gorgeous), and as bases for other eye looks. This set is on and it’s item number A226380. Check out the video presentation on qvc’s website so you can see these shades on people. These are sheer shades so if you like more natural easy going eye looks this might be a good fit.

Pssssss….here’s the Evercolor Ultimate Waterproof Eyeliner Library!! It’s Item A226424, $50 also available to be split into two payments w/EasyPay!!

Let me know if you’d like me to swatch this set! These colors can be used as liners, shadow, and as a base for eye looks.


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  1. Christina F says

    LOL…let your hubby know that he’s not alone in his suffering. I drove my hubby bonkers during last Sunday night’s football cuz I kept changing to QVC to watch Mally anytime the game got slow or went to commercials. Maybe they can form a support group.

  2. says

    haha funny that you mentioned zookababy! I show my husband his videos too! I’m hoping it makes him feel better about my makeup addiction since none of his friends have wives that are as into makeup as I am.
    At least your husband gets annoyed with easy pay rather than auto-delivery ;) LOL

  3. says

    Baaaahahahhahahahhahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!! I’m weak at the exchange between you and the hubster! “I know that voice” too funny! I like the Dusk shade.

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