Mally’s I Love Color Palette Quick Swatches!

Mally Easy on the Eyes 6pc. Wardrobe Collection, $50 at QVC (item: A235449)

I love Mally! It’s about to get all kinds of Mally cray cray on QVC and I couldn’t be happier. On July 5th Mally’s got a great TSV up for grabs with two options and I thought I’d show you swatches of the I Love Color Palette in case your interested! The other palette available is called In the Buff 2. I swatched the original In the Buff palette back when it came out and its something I use a lot so I was so excited about a new color palette from Mally. I had good reason to be excited. I love this new thang! Please note the item numbers at QVC change so if the number I gave you above doesn’t work for some reason don’t kill me! This is also available on auto delivery!

I don’t know about you but I’m big on presentation. So let me show you in pictures how this beauty is packaged and presented with style! The large booklet with Mally on the cover is full of information on both palettes with some cute eye look ideas inside.








And here are some quick swatches of the colors! Please click on a pic to make it larger if you like.









Angel Wings, Lavender Glow, Pop Art Blue, Sweet Samba, Pretty Lady, and Fantasy Green









Soho Silver, Plum Glow, Mally’s Glow, Denim, and Skyscraper

In the Easy on the Eyes set you also get (with either palette) three waterproof eyeliners. I love Mally’s liners because once they set they don’t move on me. The colors are Midnight, Dark Chocolate, and Dusky Plum. I already had Midnight in my stash but having a backup won’t hurt!

I’m really happy with this set and even though I didn’t pick up In the Buff 2 I’m thinking about it. I think there are four colors that are the same in the palette as the original but I love a neutral palette and that first one is so amazing!

I will say I’m still not a fan of the shadow base (large square on the left side of the palette) but who cares I love the colors. I think that I got great payoff out of these and the only color that is a fail for me is Pop Art Blue. I’m just not in love with that one. The liners are great and the Volumizing Mascara which has been a QVC award winner for years is amazing. It never hurts to have one of those on hand. I didn’t play with the under eye brightener but that will be fun to test out in the future.

I have to give a big shout out to the eyeshadow brush that comes in the palette. I have a few of these two sided Mally brushes and I can’t tell you how much I love them. You can do anything with this double sided brush and its my go to tool for a quick but amazing eye look. I use one of these brushes like four days a week so I’m glad to have another! One side of the brush is fluffy and the other is a perfect brush for working your crease. If you get a chance to watch the videos below check out how Mally works that brush. It’s amazing.

Here are some short video’s that Mally did using either palette thats up for grabs! Thanks to Jen J for pointing this out to me!

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  1. says

    I got both of the pallets the mousse foundation and the5 lip gloss set. Ordered them last night can’t wait to get them. I already had a buff pallet decided to get the new one also. Anyway thanks for the swatches. I have a lot of Mally cosmetics and love them.

  2. says

    I really would like to try one of the palettes–I’ve been sooo interested since I’ve been a subbie to your YT chanel. I just forget to tune in to QVC . I guess I’m the kindda person that looses interests if a product is not readily available to me. I’m sure I’ll get around to ordering one soon,though.

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