Mally In The Buff Palette-Swatches & Review

There’s a new Mally palette called In The Buff available on QVC now. It’s her biggest eyeshadow set ever! There are eleven shades, a creamy shadow base, and a two sided brush in the palette.

I got it a few weeks ago and thought I’d swatch it for you.

Citychick In the Buff Palette-Currently $46 on

















Au Natural, Bubbly, Buff, Tiger’s Eye, Cappuccino, and Shimmering Taupe (left to right)

Au Natural, Bubbly, Buff, Tiger’s Eye, Cappuccino, and Shimmering Taupe (top to bottom)








Brownstone, Oak, Egyptian Gold, Toast, and Chocolate Diamond (left to right)

Brownstone, Oak, Egyptian Gold, Toast, and Chocolate Diamond (top to bottom)

I hope the swatches are okay. I was trying to work fast because of course I get ready to do this and the clouds roll in! I like this palette and had fun playing around with it. I think that the shadows are wearable and pigmented for the most part. I only had issues with Bubbly being a little on the chunky/fallout heavy side and Chocolate Diamond was a miss for me. I feel like so many brands have a color like Chocolate Diamond. The base of the shadow is a nice rich color and then there are glitter flecks thrown in there that are kind of silly and just fall down to your cheeks at some point later in the day. You can see that in my swatch above.

The Shadow Base cream (.1 oz) thats in the palette works but leaves an ivory colored film over my lids which is fine for certain eye looks but I won’t be using it as much as I would if it had a clear colorless finish. I love the shadow colors as much as my Naked Palette but I don’t think anyone needs both.

I think the noticeable differences for me are that the Mally shadows have less fallout and I like the pigmentation a little better. But the Urban Decay Naked Palette appeals to me more because of the color variety. There is a much wider range of color. Mally’s palette is super NUDE if that makes sense. Like the difference between being in your underwear (Naked Palette) or being completely naked (In The Buff Palette) hee hee!

The colors are lighter for the most part making this a much better pick for someone that really lives in very nude eye looks. I like some variety and deeper shades in the mix so if you made me choose based on which I’d personally prefer it’s the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

I’m still very happy and will use this palette gladly since I’m crazy about Mally and her products never let me down!

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    • says

      I really hope Miss Mally puts out some more large palettes though. I think she could do a colorful palette that would be amazing. Her blues, greens, and even pinks are some of my favorite bright shadows in my stash.

      • says

        I don’t have any of her palettes. I tempted to get the her perfect palettes. I’ve heard great things about the eyeshadows in the those palettes.

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