Mary Kay Creme Lipsticks-Fuchsia & Hibiscus

I love both of these lipstick shades. In my last post about MK Creme Lipsticks I showed you a pretty bright red called Really Red and a nice orange coral called Sunny Citrus. If you missed that post click here to see it.

Now I’m showing you some deeper shades. They are both perfect for Fall. Fuchsia and Hibiscus. At $13 take a good look at these and then consider heading to because there are 39 lipstick colors (sorted by color family) available in all. Without a doubt there is going to be something there you love and NEED for your makeup stash.

Check out Fuchsia and Hibiscus….









Fuchsia Lipstick ($13/.13 oz’s)









Hibiscus Lipstick ($13/.13 oz’s)

Aren’t they pretty? I can’t stand it. I love colors like this and when they say these lipsticks are creamy thats no lie. They feel great on and I end up touching up every four hours or so.

Which do you like best? I can’t decide…! I’m glad I have them both!

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  1. Rachel B. says

    Both look great on you! The fuchsia is more for at night, with the “come hither” look (LOL!) While the Hibiscus Pink more for during the day, a meadow of flowers come to mind. =)

  2. Ruth says

    Mary Kay lippies used to have a weird powder-y, flower-y smell. this sounds terrible, but they kinda reminded me of a fragrant old lady. I had a few lippies that I had purchased from them and had to throw out because of the smell. do they still a scent to them?

    • says

      I don’t notice a smell. But I am not that sensitive to smells most times. I really hate the smell of baby powder so it doesn’t smell like that. I can’t even take the scent of Powder Fresh deodorant:)

  3. lalabday11 says

    Do you know any dupes??? I have an occasion tomorrow and I really want this on my lips!!! Is there another product that looks almost the same?? Thx.

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