Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss-Mango Tango

This color is totally me! I have to admit I love saying Mango Tango a LOT.








Mango Tango









The glossy shine and unbelievable moisture in this gloss is something else. I think most of you know by now that I can’t stand lip products that dry out my lips or make them look like shriveled up pillows!

This is my kinda gloss because it enters the room before I do! I like the size of the tube also. It’s .15 oz.’s ($14) and fits in my makeup bag really easily because it’s not one of those super long skinny tubes. Have you noticed those are the hardest tubes to get gloss out of? I have. And the color. The color is just right. It’s a bright red/orange shade with some subtle sparkle in it. It really catches the eye. I’ve been going easy on the eye makeup (just some mascara and a little liner) and using this to finish things off for my makeup look. Add some sunglasses and I look like Janet Jackson’s little sister if you squint really hard. Ha!

My lips stay moisturized and glossy for hours with this formula. There are fourteen colors in all to choose from. Check these out on I’ll show you another one of these gloss shades soon, I’ve got a really pretty neutral.

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  1. JenJ says

    I have the purple one (of course) lol! I really like it. I wear it the Heroine a lot. Been meaning to check out the other shades.

  2. says

    This lip gloss looks so good on you! I have this shade too and I was just shocked when I first applied this! I have had a lot of reflective, shiny lip glosses, but this one definitely wins!

  3. Skye says

    Omg want that gloss NOW! I have never seen such a shinny gloss unless it was greasy…I love ur blog u always review things i would never have thought to try:)

  4. Amoure says

    Ok I’m officially sold on this one. I have one MK lipgloss and I really like it. I’m surprised I’ve never gotten any more but this post has sold me on getting more especially this particular shade.

  5. Natacha says

    IT SERIOUSLY LOOKS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING ON YOU!!! Such a gorgeous gorgeous color wow!! No doubt im going to grab one of these

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