Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover

Removing eye makeup can be hard. The eye area is so sensitive and it really is bad to tug and pull on that area. I tend to love waterproof formulas and long wearing eye liners so I need help removing the tough stuff sometimes. I love this remover. It’s really very easy to use, all you have to do is shake it up and put some on a cotton ball and wipe all your eye makeup off.

It works on my waterproof eye makeup and it doesn’t irritate the skin around my eye. I’ve had problems with that after using a few other products. I don’t have sensitive skin but I’m always careful using anything around my eyes. I think that’s a good rule in general for everyone. I wear contacts and have allergies so my eyes get puffy over anything unfortunately. This formula is nice and gentle and doesn’t cause any strange reactions. It doesn’t leave me with greasy skin around the eyes either. I was worried about that, just make sure you shake it up good before putting it on a cotton ball and using it.

This Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover is $15 for a nice large 3.75oz bottle. Click here for the Mary Kay website.

Rated A

*This product was provided for review by Mary Kay PR.

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