(Closed) May Birthday Giveaway: NYX Lip Gloss

I saw these recently and I thought this is the perfect giveaway for my birthday month! I love flavored lip gloss. The NYX Sweet Pie Gloss comes in the flavors Strawberry, Chocolate, and Cherry. The Fruit Basket Gloss comes in Peach, Pear, Orange, and Apple. How yummy is THAT?

Good luck guys-enter to WIN!

Giveaway ends on May 19th!


1-Comment/Leave a Reply on this post ONCE and let me know what your favorite birthday treat is. I love birthday cake. Yellow cake-chocolate frosting…and vanilla ice cream. I like cupcakes too. I kind of like it all:)

Make sure you leave the best email address to reach you at in the Mail: Will not be published/required area. Ok? Only I can see your email address if you put it in that area.

2-One entry per person, international readers welcome. I have to mail this to you, only enter if that’s ok!

I’ll contact the winner on May 20th by email!

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  1. Luciana Mello says

    Hey Crystal! I looveee a brazilian chocolate candie called “brigadeiro”! that’s always my first choice. But I loveeee cupcakes as well. Chocolate ones LOL :) Basically, anything that has chocolate in it!

  2. Kelsey says

    For my birthday I Love ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen…they have Oreo pieces and fudge and vanilla ice cream .. mmmm (:

  3. Asia says

    I <3 cupcakes….any kind of cupcake, but b/c my bday is in May (o did I mention it is May 19th, hehe) I typically love strawberry cake flavored ones…YUMMMMMMMY!!! man, I want one just thinking abt it:)!

  4. Cerise says

    AWESOME!! My favorite birthday treat would not be anything sweet..lol but it would have to be Mc Donalds french frieds, with the Swiss Mushroom Angus Burger! OOOO YUMMY!! That is one of my favorite birthday “treats”. :-)

  5. Deena says

    My favorite birthday treat is Tres Leches Cake!!! I absolutely love it, and recommend that everyone try it :)

  6. Serena says

    For my birthday I love chocolate lava cake…Yum! There is something about the warm chocolate that “erupts” from that soft chocolate cake.

  7. Gretchen says

    My favorite birthday treat is probably a tie between Ice Cream cake and Yellow Cake with Chocolate frosting also!

  8. T.R. says

    My favorite birthday treat is a day at the spa. I love Burke Willliams and a full day which includes a message (especially hot stone) and mani pedi and hanging out in the quit room, hot tub and sauna….BLISS.

      • T.R. says

        It is HEAVEN!!! If you’re ever out in LA, go to the Burke Williams in Santa Monica on 4th. Trust me you will NOT be disappointed. It’s not a “cheap” spa but not too unreasonable. If you want to just spend the day using the facility it’s $25 (last I checked). Besides they have so many coupons…LOL :O)

  9. Jytan says

    Hmmm…my fav birthday treat is gonna be hanging out all day with my lovely sister and eating our own favs ice cream which are chocolate for me and vanila for me sis…♥~~~

  10. Aiiha says

    hey , we are the may babies :D
    i’m turning sixteen this upcoming monday – 9th may . hehe
    i like marzipan coating cakes and cute little designs as the frostings <3

  11. crissy2u20 says

    My favorite birthday treat is pistachio ice cream, I would eat a tone if I could :D
    Thank you for this giveaway and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  12. Natalie says

    My favorite birthday cake is a Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. My Aunt makes this for me every year. Man,O’Man! Happy Birthday Girlie <3

  13. says

    As the birthday girl, I’m given the choice of where to eat out. So, my favorite restaurant 99% of the time is Japanese — YUM! My treat would be Sushi with Miso Soup and a tall glass of iced green tea….OOOooo that sounds good right now LOL!

  14. Shea' Scott says

    We share the same birth month! Mine is May 17th! Any whoo, my favorit birthday treat would have to be cupcakes! Last year my hubby surprised me with Peach Bellini flavored cupcakes with a champagne flavored frosing! Yummy! I hope I will be able to have them again this year!
    BTW, Happy Birthday

  15. TianaDMS says

    Hi Crystal! I am not entering this contest because I was lucky enough to win the MAC eye pencil, I just wanted to share that my b-day is in May too! The 18th. =) My absolute favourite treat is yellow cake with chocolate frosting too! I have had that every year since I turned 1, no joke! This year will be my 32nd (yikes!) time of having it! lol Super cute giveaway! Good luck ladies! =)

  16. Kierra Dixon says

    My favorite treat is a pineapple coconut cake that my grandmother makes me every year!!

  17. fladnag830 says

    I love a cake that my mom makes from the book the Cake Doctor. It is a plain vanilla cake with a really rich chocolate butter cream! I so can’t wait to have it again this year!

  18. Tiffany says

    My favorite birthday treat is super simple! I love Funfetti Cake that you make from the box. I am not sure what they put in the cake mix or frosting, for a total cost of not even $4, that makes that so delicious! I’ll take that over any other cake any day!

  19. FatimaSaid says

    My favourite birthday treat is a nice dinner out with with a couple loved ones whether thats my friends or family or both! Not too many people though or that’ll be too hectic. I love small get togethers and I try to have a atleast one on my birthday every year where we have nice food cut a cake (white sponge with fruits preferably) and take loads and loads of great pictures for memories and just talk about everything! :D

  20. says

    My favorite birthday treat is Irish Bailey coffee cake with chocolate frosting.My friend this cake cake for me this birthday.I love it :)

  21. Pricilla says

    My bday is also in May. For my favorite birthday treat, I would say cheesecake! I don’t mind what kind of cheesecake as long as it is cheesecake:)

  22. Catherine says

    Hm my favorite is ice cream cake! vanilla cake, vanilla ice cream, and vanilla icing…i love vanilla! Hah c:

  23. Cara Steckert says

    My fav birthday treat is canoli cake! I absolutely love cake and canoli so why not have the two together! It’s a delicious vanilla cake with canoli filling in between the layers and I can’t resist it! My birthday is actually coming up so I can’t wait to have some!

  24. says

    My favorite birthday treat is Irish Bailey coffee cake with chocolate frosting.My friend this cake cake for me this birthday.I love it :)

  25. msblueyes5 says

    My favorite birthday treat is definetly cupcakes…chocolate with chocolate frosting…Yum..now I want one! lol

  26. Sunni says

    I love a cupcake as the perfect birthday treat, a white or angel food cake with a fruity icing. Yum.

  27. sassyfied says

    I get a Strawberry shortcake from this local store in my area every year, and it makes my birthday.

  28. Alexa says

    For my birthday I always love spending the day or the weekend at the beach. After a long day in the sun the birthday girl gets to pick her favorite restaurant, and I love some icecream cake !! yummm <3

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