Maybelline Color Elixir by Color Sensational Lip Glosses-You Need One!

Maybelline Color Elixir by Color Sensational Lip Colors Fuchsia Flourish & Vision in Violet, $8

I got so excited when I saw these at the store. I love Maybelline and they know how to make lip gloss. Well my excitement was followed up with awe at how great these new Elixir lip glosses are. I adore them.

Take a look at the colors I got!

Fuchsia Flourish #75









Vision in Violet #40









Both of these feel fantastic on the lips. There is a nice fresh smell when you open these and no taste thank goodness. They are slightly sticky but they last well throughout the day. The colors I got quite literally pop! They are bright and beautiful. I don’t even touch up unless I’ve really had a greasy meal. The glossy finish might fade a bit on you through the day but the color stays. Later in the day it looks more like a lipstick finish. The purple one stains my lips quite a bit but I don’t care because the color stays put because of that. There are twenty shades in all so something for everyone! If your not into brights don’t worry. There are some pretty everyday shades in the mix for you.

The gloss wand reminds me of the L’oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stains. It’s almost the exact same thing. Try one of these-I think you might like them! The colors are gorgeous…I’m going to get a few more I think!

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  1. Ebonie says

    I found them yesterday in Walmart & Walgreens. They were $6+ in Walgreens and I got the vision in violet and it is to die for! I will be picking up more soon!

  2. Jay says

    I have one and it is the worst gloss I’ve come across in a long time! Nice pink color-exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately the strong chemical smell and taste make it soooo unpleasant to use. And it was a few bucks more expensive then other drugstore glosses. I love the compact size, but other than that I regret this purchase. Dang drugstore with its lack of testers ha. That fuscia color looks nice on you!

  3. shelley says

    I saw these at CVS today and I had to step away with a quickness. I just have way too many lippies but I’m happy to see drugstore lines step up their A-game and produce some highly pigmented lippies…especially when it comes to glosses.

  4. Jennifer says

    I purchased one about 3 weeks ago and just recently went back for 2 more. The nude one (Nude Illusion) is georgeous! I wear it over a Wet n Wild’s Fergie Daily lipstick. Beautiful!!!

  5. Chris Undow says

    I guess some may call me sensitive to smells so I unfortunately am not a fan of these. Also sadly not all the shades are super pigmented. I do love the colorsensational lip glosses they make. Those are so pigmented its like putting on a liquid lipstick.

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