Maybelline Color Whisper-Mad For Magenta

Maybelline Color Whisper Mad For Magenta

I found my favorite Color Whisper! I’ve been trying these new lippies from Maybelline for a few weeks now and when I went back to the store I picked up my last one, Mad For Magenta. It is the BEST. Of course its kinda fuchsia-licious. Yum!








Please excuse my dry skin. I’m still feeling a little sick but you get the point right? This color is fire!! I like that it’s buildable and very pigmented. I mentioned in my recent online review that the Color Whispers aren’t as moisturizing as say a Revlon Lip Butter. But the color stays with you all day. So every few hours a little bit of a moisture boost touch up is needed but thats okay by me. I like my other three shades but this is the ONE. Check these out for around $7 at your local drugstore. There are plenty of colors so I am almost positive you will find a shade you love.

To see the color really pop check out my This Week I Love Video (January) below. I’m wearing it and it’s soooo pretty if I do say so myself!

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  1. Michelle S. says

    OMG!! I picked up 4 different colors of these today. They swatched amazingly when I got home. I may have to pick up a few other colors. I know that I was obsessed with the Revlon butters and ended up with almost every color.

    I am constantly on the lookout for new lip products as I have so few really. Is there anything that stands out for you as a fav from the drugstore?

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