Maybelline Colorsensational Gloss-Berry Brilliance is Hot & Limited Edition!









Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Gloss Berry Brilliance #310, $7.99 at Walgreens









Here’s another amazingly pretty shade from Maybelline’s Fall 2013 collection. Berry Brilliance is just about perfect. I love the brightness of the shade and the Colorsensational formula is just about my favorite from the drugstore. I showed you another favorite from the Fall release called Lavender Lavish and this gloss is just as yummy looking. I love the way Colorsensational glosses make my lips feel. So full of moisture and glossy lips look like full lips right?

If you don’t have a Colorsensational gloss yet please check one out! They are just about perfect in my eyes. The glosses smell like Fruit Loops so if you are sensitive to scents see if you can sniff one first before purchasing.

I have to get a backup of this. Darn it Maybelline….you do this to me all the time. Come out with a perfect color and then slap a limited edition sticker on it! It’s gotta stop or they need to start making much larger cosmetics aisles at the store-can I get an AMEN?

Check this out at a drugstore near you while you can! This is not a color to miss out on if you need a bright berry shade in your stash.

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  1. says

    Lip glosses are so fantastic on you, we are a similar complexion but I want to see a pic of your lips bare so I can a idea on if it will look good on me since I have a dark top lip and a light bottom lip.

  2. Tasharra says

    Can I just say you are like a makeup guru. I live in Milwaukee, WI and my sister in Memphis, TN and we both have been hunting down the sensational limited edition glosses and lipstick! We were able to find lipsticks and glosses at Walgreens however the cost is $7.99!! But during the holiday weekend Maybelline was buy one get one half off. I got the glosses this weekend also $7.99 and one $6.99 and then went to Walmart and they too had glosses for a whoppin $5 and some change. The trick with Walmart is there was no display and they were mixed in original display. Thanks for all your searches and willingness to share with other makeup lovers as my sister and I. We heart you!!

    • says

      I’m so glad you found them. It’s so funny you say that about Walmart. At my local store they constantly shove limited edition stuff in the regular aisle. It’s so bad I always check the existing display area. I feel like maybe the guys are stocking the shelves there or something. They are like its all makeup let me just throw it right here with the other stuff. I love to share and I’m so glad you and your sister take a look at whats here! Thanks so much for commenting and giving some great tips on hunting these suckers down!

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