Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick High Shine #815 & #850

Maybelline has released some new shades of Colorsensational lipstick with a high shine finish! I picked up two shades that I thought I’d love from my local drugstore, #815 Glisten Up Pink and #850 Lacquered Brown. Let me apologize in advance for my irritated lips, I put some Mac Prep & Prime on before this lipstick so it helped the lip swatches for this post. I love that on the day when I was ready to take lip swatch pictures for you guys my lips are in the worst shape!

I really enjoyed these two shades. They were really moisturizing and the colors just gorgeous!

I love #815 Glisten Up Pink! Such a cute color, this is the first color I picked up. I knew this was a keeper!

This color was such a surprise to me! It’s #850 Lacquered Brown and it’s more of a purple shade in my opinion. Hopefully you can see that in the swatch above. I really think it’s funny when you buy a shade with a specific color in the name and you get something else totally. I’ve been lucky it’s always been a happy surprise. This is a great example.

Overall I love my two shades and the extra moisturizing formula is a plus! I would highly recommend that you pick up one of these shades at your local drugstore before they are gone. Look for the display, it’s just beautiful. These are around $7-8 each.

Rated A

Disclosure: I purchased these items myself!

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    Hey Crystal
    Now you make me wanna try them that brow I was interested in but it doesn’t look brown..Hmmm..I will see if they have my coveted reds and get a red.

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