Maybelline Eye Studio Violet Femmes is New for Fall! (Quick Swatches)

Maybelline Eye Studio Violet Femmes, $7.49 at Bed Bath & Beyond (Limited Edition)

I was so pleasantly surprised at the Maybelline Fall 2013 collection when I saw it at BB&B. I picked up a number of things but a really nice reader that lives near me sent me this beauty. I had so many requests for swatches that I thought I’d show it to you so you are ready to hunt it down or pass on it when you see the displays in store. Hopefully some of you have seen the collection already!

I think because I am a purple person I attract a lot of purple lovers. Well I got several requests from the purple lovers army so I must obey and get some pics up!

Here ya go!







If you like purple at all pick this up. It’s vampy goodness! I’m just getting into these quads from Maybelline but so far so good. I really love that you can put these shades on with your fingers!

If you haven’t seen the displays yet I go over all the colors in the following VLOG video:

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  1. delinda says

    OH wow, the colors are beautiful. I love that shade of purple and brownish-plum. I talked to Walgreens yesterday. She said everything hits the east coast first then it makes it way to So Calif. They have the stuff but can’t put it out until Sept 13th.

  2. Kathy says

    Hey ladies!

    The Walgreens in Charlotte NC has a end cap with all Maybelline fall 2013 items. Beautiful items for the plum and purple lover!

  3. Lora says

    Thanks for the swatches. I haven’t purchase one of these palettes before, but this may be the first one I try. Such pretty colors!

  4. Ruth says

    Those colors are beautiful. I usually avoid DS eye shadows since they look so pretty in the pan but it doesn’t translate when applied. After having been burned one too many times with poor color payoff, these were just looked,admired and then walked away from. next time at the store, this just might jump into my cart =)

  5. Shayla says

    If you ladies have an HEB grocery store in your area stop by. I found these products in Houston at my local HEB and also CVS. Good luck!!

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