Maybelline Fifth Ave. Fuchsia Color Sensational Lipstick #160









Maybelline Color Sensational Fifth Ave. Fuchsia #160 Lipstick (under $10)

Another day, another amazing bright beautiful fuchsia pink! I love the Maybelline Color Sensational formula. I’ve posted on some of my favorite shades in the past and now I can add Fifth Ave. Fuchsia to the mix. This bright eye-catching fuchsia completes me. It’s just about perfect.









I live for this. So goooooood. Love it. I touch up Color Sensational shades every four hours or so and it’s a pleasure. The colors available are amazing, almost 70 of them from Maybelline in all. If you want an inexpensive moisturizing lipstick that you can count on please look into these. Some favorites are Very Cherry and Broadway Bronze and I use them constantly. There is something for everyone in this range.

Check them out for under $10 at the drugstore ladies! Let us know if you have any favorite shades we should look out for at the store.

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    • says

      The good news is you can check it out no time limit on this one since it’s a permanent thing. I have some more fuchsia’s coming up in posts…it’s my latest freakin obsession…

      • says

        True true. This one has been on the brain lately. Lately a fuchsia lipstick has stayed in my play around items. Someone posted on Instagram that Candy Yum Yum was available via Nordstrom. Was tempted to get it but then I took to Google to look for dupes.

  1. Rayna says

    Question: can you show this next to a swatch of MAC’s Pleasure Bomb lipstick? I was unable to get that, but currently have Fifth Ave fuschia. Before I drop close to 40 on Givenchy Fuschia Irresistible, I want to see how the two line up

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