Maybelline Touch of Light Luminizing Face Glow

If you have always wanted to try a Nars Illuminator but didn’t want to spend $30 I have something you should look for at the drugstore. It’s Maybelline’s Touch of Light.

Touch of Light (approx. $8/.85 oz.)

I picked this up in a display at CVS. I was a bad girl and popped it open to see what it looked like in the tube. What I saw was gold goodness! It’s a thin texture and I can’t tell you how little you need to achieve the coolest glowy look. You need a tiny bit. TINY. This can be applied to your cheekbones, browbone, and anywhere you want to glow!

The texture is the reason for my love of this. It’s a gel so it smoothes on really well and blends onto skin beautifully. Again you need so little to make some J.Lo-type magic happen. I think this might not be a permanent product but it’s one thats worth hunting down if you love to glow. This didn’t irritate my skin either. I was worried I’d break out but I didn’t!

Take a look at my hand. Take a good loooong look at my sexy hand!

Isn’t that something else? I think so!

Like I said I found this in a display at CVS. It was a large one with all the new limited edition Color Tattoo’s, Color Show Nail colors, and other stuff for Fall. I think it was $7.29 but I’ve had it a few weeks so I forget. I know it was less than $8 though. Pick this up if you want to glow. I should have picked up two of these at that price!


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  1. Rachel B. says

    Show the glow! Ok I stared at your sexy hand! Haha! Hmmm, gotta go to CVS! Thanks for sharing this bit of info!

  2. Mellinda says

    Im really confused. can someone help me out please? would you apply this over your foundation? or under a thin layer of foundation? Wouldnt it look too shiny/oily? How would you use this??
    Thanks in advance!

    • says

      I just use it as a cream highlighter mostly. Over foundation you can use a very small amount (the size of a tic tac for both cheeks-i rub my two middle fingers together) and smooth and tap it on my upper cheek bone. Using a small amount you just get a beautiful glow. This dries down pretty quickly and it’s not greasy/too creamy. If you use the right (small) amount your cheeks shouldn’t look oily unless you have very oily skin.

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