Maybelline Vivid Lipstick-On Fire Red #895

On Fire Red Lipstick

The Maybelline Vivids line has a hold on me. It’s true. I have so many of the ten shades in the range and love them all. I could line them up on my makeup vanity and use a different one each day for weeks and be happy. For under $10 these beauties are a must have. One thing I’ve been so happy to see in the last few weeks is all the drugstores make a permanent place for them in the makeup aisle. Thats great! No rush to stock up. You can get them one at a time and enjoy I say. I’m so glad these aren’t limited edition!

I love the regular Maybelline Colorsensational line of lipsticks and these are a great new edition. I’ve posted on several of the other shades that I’ve been using. Brazen Berry and Fuchsia Flash, Vivid Rose, and Hot Plum are quick favorites. Check out those posts if you’d like to consider some fun bright lip shades.

But the reds. I am loving the reds! I am showing you On Fire Red today but I’ll post on the other red shade soon. It’s a stunner as well.

Check On Fire Red out one more time….it’s perfection! Lasts a good four hours on the lips and is comfortable and moisturizing to wear. Love it!







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    *sigh* this on the list. i know they are permanent but i wonts em now now now lol. i saaaaaiiid i wasn’t going to get all of them but hell i already have 4 add the 2 reds, might as well go on and get the rest. Other than Heroine being reissued and the Archie Girls collection, the drugstore has me on lock for lipsticks.

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