Merry Christmas!

I hope that you all are having a great holiday with the ones that you love! At this time of year its good to take a look at the small things that make you happy.

What makes you happy? For me it’s as simple as my mom rolling her eyes and waving her finger at me about something I said like I’m 10 again.


My husbands excitement over a new drink we’ve discovered…..


Jinx’s diva ways….

Have a great holiday everyone and with this coming year lets all try to take a few minutes to enjoy the little things every day!

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  1. xdelice says

    Aww i love this post, it s really exactly what the christmas season is to me too!
    my 2 year old niece rolling all over the carpet with her new doll and my mom refusing to open her gifts , just because … as usual lol and my friends laughing and talking about the old days and future hopes and dreams! i love it!
    merry christmas my sweet to you and yours! keep the posts cming, girl i love! GOD BLESS YOU!

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