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This lipstick retails for $18 a tube. I’m so glad I got it on sale for half the price! It’s a great lipstick but I would not pay $18 for it. I haven’t tried many Michael Todd products and this is my first lipstick from them. They have a few different lipstick formulas but this Naked Kiss formula is supposed to be moisturizing and it’s not bad. This isn’t the most pigmented red but it’s a nice glossy red.

I love the packaging. This lipstick looks a lot smaller than every other lipstick that I own because they didn’t lengthen the bullet tube like most brands do. I kind of like it. It’s small and compact. It’s really no-nonsense packaging at its best. Please excuse my dry skin in the picture above. I had a bad reaction to a skin cream I was trying out.

There are sixteen Naked Kiss colors available in total. I’m really happy with this pretty cherry red color and I think Affection is a great name for it.

Rated B+

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  1. Amoure says

    Affection was my first purchase ever some time ago from MichaelTodd and what started our committed relationship together. I do love their products especially this lipstick (as well as my other Naked and Cream lip colors). I find it odd that Affection didn’t have the payoff it did for me. The colors was truly intense and was actually one of the first true reds I’ve ever LOVED paired w/ my deep skin-tone. I wish I could share a picture w/ you of me wearing it but it’s the lip color in my thumbnail.

    Thanks for the review and I love the dainty packaging as well. My lipstick fits everywhere.

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