Milani Color Statement Lipstick-Flirty Fuchsia #16 (Vinyl)









Milani Color Statement Lipstick-Flirty Fuchsia #16

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I was on the fence when I first opened this one up. I was worried that the Vinyl finish would equal frosty but it doesn’t so I was wrong yet again! I love the color fuchsia as a whole and it’s a staple in my makeup collection. This is a great edition because it’s a little different finish-wise from my other shades. It’s got a glow to it that I like and it really catches the eye.

I get as long a wear time as with the matte finish lipsticks I showed you named Best Red and Sangria. I feel that this is a dupable color but at the inexpensive price point of an average cost of $5 per tube this is the best lipstick formula you can get for the price by far. It’s moisturizing and very comfortable to wear. Oh and the pigmentation is on point!









Check Flirty Fuchsia out at the drugstore. It’s a keeper:)

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  1. Mary says

    For some reason I missed this the first time around. I really like the way the Vinyl finish looks on you. I’ll have to check those out.

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