Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner Works for Me & It Just Might Work for You!


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I hear from people that have issues with liquid eyeliner every week. It’s one of those things that didn’t come naturally to me and I had to practice a LOT to get the hang of things. That’s the same boat a lot of people are in. My issue was holding my hand steady. If thats your issue then you need to check this new liquid liner from Milani out! When you hold this liner correctly in your hand there is less trouble with keeping things steady and I’m able to work faster as well.


Eye Tech Perfection packs a few really important things into a relatively little package. It’s black as well as water-resistant and won’t feather on you. Don’t you hate it when your liner travels?  You can get a thin, medium, or heavy liner look out of this. That’s kind of all I need so I’m a fan. I prefer liner that doesn’t move and the ability to do a thin or thick line. If your a little confused I copied info on that from the Milani website. Check it out!

Extreme felt-tip point creates three line styles:

Thin: use the very tip for a slender, extremely thin line.

Medium: hold pen at a slight angle to create a bolder, thicker line.
Heavy: hold the pen horizontally and color over the eyelid for an eyeshadow like coverage.
I say give this a go if you’d like to enhance your eyeliner abilities. It’s going to be around $7-8 depending on where you get it and don’t even get me started on how convenient it is. I’ve seen this new liner at CVS  so thats a great place to look for it. I think this will help a lot of liquid liner haters come around.

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  1. Tina says

    I usually use a liner pencil because I can’t draw a steady line. The way you hold the liner looks uncomfortable is it?

    • says

      This is very comfortable to use there is a very slight learning curve (getting used to holding it mostly) using this but after two days I was a pro!

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