Muji Acrylic Storage Drawers

My new Muji Drawers came! I got my first order from Muji over a year ago and its changed the way I store my makeup. I ordered more for myself. Two more five stacks for my stash!

Two Muji Acrylic Five Stacks (put together, $27.95 each)

Individual Drawer

I love Muji drawers because they are clear and durable. The acrylic is just thick enough. I was very worried that they would be flimsy. I can see everything inside of them. I wish they were a little deeper but you can’t have everything. They come in two and three drawer sets as well if you don’t need five. I think the price is really reasonable considering my dream…the Clearcube is unbelievably expensive. I remember a year ago it was $300 for one unit!! I haven’t checked the price lately but I’m sure it’s still several hundred dollars.

The online store for Muji U.S. has been revamped. If you’d like to take a look click here. Look for the Storage area of products. They ship FedEx pretty fast if your items are in stock. I put my order in for these new drawers over the weekend and got them on Wednesday.

If you’d like to see a short video I made showing the drawers and products inside of them check this out! Its one of my most viewed videos on YouTube with over 78,000 views!

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    Crystal these are really nice and exactly what I need because I’m in desperate need of storage. I buy more stuff than storage and it’s getting out of hand.

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