My Pick From the Dior Spring 2014 Trianon Collection- Dior Addict Exquise #772 Gloss


Dior Addict Exquise #772 Lip Gloss, $29.50 at Nordstrom


I rarely pick up Addict glosses but this one was calling my name. It’s a pretty almost milky fuchsia. I wanted it because it would look great alone and look amazing as a glossy top to a lot of the drier fuchsia lipstick shades that I have in my stash. I really have a lot of bright pink lipsticks (big surprise right?) but gloss makes them all better! Who doesn’t like juicy looking lips? Because this shade is so shiny touch ups don’t need to happen often. I can slap this on and go for hours and hours! I wasn’t a fan of the gloss applicator at first but I’ve gotten used to it. It’s not bad at all.


Exquise is super moisturizing. My lips feel pampered as heck! I love using glosses like this when my sore lips need help. This is almost like putting liquid Vaseline (my go to lip fix doctor) on but it has color. Fierce color! I think this is only my fourth Dior Addict gloss so I’m picky about purchasing these. I can tell you the ones I have picked up are staples in my stash. This isn’t a must have but instead a nice to have product. I think it also might be a great fit for someone that doesn’t like an intense fuchsia but wants something lighter and more wearable. It’s pretty and girly. Thumbs up for that!


Check this out at the Dior counter. I picked mine up at Nordstrom.

From the Nordstrom website:

Straight from the runway, new Dior Addict Gloss features a featherweight formula with a flash-plumping, spotlight-shine effect. Hyaluronic spheres keep lips smooth and moisturized while mirror-like micropearls reflect light in all directions for a dazzling finish. The package is tall and sleek with a Lucite® top that mirrors the nano-spotlight effect. The precision brush applicator makes for effortless, perfect application every time.




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  1. eb says

    Hi Crystal,

    Just have to say that I love the new site! It’s visually appealing with the colored font against the crisp white background. Nice job!

    As for the gloss, it’s really pretty on you. I’m curious to know if you think it’s a dupe for Burberry’s Sweet Pea. If so, would you mind showing the two swatches side by side?


    • says

      Thanks I’m glad you like it. I love the color scheme!
      Sweet Pea is way brighter pink-it almost glows. It has a purple shimmer to it that makes it darker than the Dior pigment wise. Exquise is way more subtle on the lips.

  2. 80sChicwithglasses says

    This color is pure lust for me, lol! It’s gorgeous! I have 1 other Dior lipgloss and sadly I hate it. It’s a beautiful orange kinda shimmer shade, but I feel the glitter on my lips. I never use it- ever! I do really want to check out the lip shades from the MAC spring line coming out in a few weeks….I’m a sucker for the creamsheen glasses since they’re my absolute favorite! Besides, what’s a few bright lip glosses to push you into Spring!?!!

    • says

      I can’t wait for those Mac Creamsheens! I’m just interested in the lip colors (big surprise) from the collection. Oh and Dior mistakes happen. I wanted an orange years ago and it sucked. No pigmentation and it looked like I had an orange slurpy on my lip. It was bad…

      • 80sChicwithglasses says

        LOL…the lip products are all I’m interested in as well. I’ve told myself I don’t need every color from that collection, although they’re calling my name (and I’m not even a big lipstick person either)! Sadly, I just might buy all the lip glosses at least. We’ll see! I’m sad though, because my MAC used to hold items for me since everything is usually sold out when I get off work, but the last time I called they said something about not holding products for customers any more. Bummer, because I always bought what I asked them to hold!

        • says

          Thats such a shame they won’t hold items anymore. You are such a good customer that sucks! I came up with my list of things and it’s two lipsticks and maybe 3 glosses. I have one of them (Galaxy Rose) from before when the Heavenly Creatures collection came out. I hope to see some good swatches of the lipsticks before I order though. I’m not a fan of the Lustre finish lipsticks as a whole. But with the glosses I’m not worried I know I’ll love them!

  3. Carrie says

    This is pretty. I rarely get Dior stuff but this is worth checking out especially if it’s moisturizing. My lips are so dry.

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