Nail Polish Blog Sale? Would You Be Interested?

I was just going through my nail polish stash and I feel that I have so many colors that I’ll never get around to again. Would you be interested in a nail polish sale? I have some fantastic colors that I’ve used once or never (lol) that I could part with. I have less room for nail polish and I don’t have as sentimental an attachment to polish as I do makeup.

Let me know…my makeup blog sale was really hard to do last time and I said I’d never do it again. I “met” some fantastic beauty lovers but some people were so rude to me. I was shocked. I had people telling me I BETTER send them a certain product even if I let them know someone else paid for it already. And that’s one of the tame messages that I got! Others were much worse. I can almost laugh about the colorful language and outright rudeness now, but I’m just not eager to do this like I was before. I do keep thinking about the thirty or so happy people who emailed me after they got their stuff. They were so happy with the deals they got on stuff they wanted.

The whole thing made some crazy’s come out let me tell you! If you think you’d like to get some polish at a good price, let me know.

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  1. Jordan says

    I’d be totally interested, people can be so rude so if you decide not to I totally understand. I think some people need to calm down when it comes to make up, like being a total jerkface over make up not cool.

  2. Andrea says

    I loved your makeup sale. You did a great job, and sent it so fast. Sorry people where mean that’s not right. I would buy nail polish from you if you did it.

    • says

      I really think that I will do it, it sounds lame but I really love the idea of something I don’t really use going to someone else that would like it.

  3. T.R. says

    Crystal words fail me. I know you said that and I just figured it was time consuming with all the pics etc. But I never thought people would be THAT rude. Wow. I’d love for you too do it if YOU WANT to. I can’t promise I’ll buy only because my collection is probably as extensive as yours. :O) I just threw some out and put a few “sets” up on makeup alley. LOL

    But I’ll definitely support anyway I can. :O)

    • says

      Thank you so much. I was just a bit surprised at the name calling. Basically what happened is that several people didn’t read the directions that said to email me with the names of what they wanted from the sale. That can happen to anyone, I get so excited sometimes I do the same thing! But when some ladies didn’t get a response from me on the blog or on youtube 30 minutes into the sale they decided that sending me an email with a subject line like “B*T%C* Respond To Me” would work better….CRAZY HUH?

  4. Kristin T says

    Definitely interested in a blog sale for nail polish. I hate I missed out on your makeup sale. As for the people being rude to you, girl don’t sweat it. Those of us who support you (me included) FAR outnumber those who have nasty attitudes with you.

  5. Anna says

    Sounds great to me! Here in Australia the good nail polish brands are so expensive! I def appreciate all the hard work u put into your blogs and videos and don’t understand how ppl could be so rude!

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