Nars Autumn Leaves Lipstick (Fall 2012)

I must say right off the bat I’m not crazy about this lipstick.









Autumn Leaves ($24, .12 oz’s.)

This is a new sheer lipstick from the Nars Fall 2012 Collection. I think its the only Nars product that I’ve ever been on the fence about. The color is really pretty. It’s like an dark orange with pretty gold glitter in it to me which is great for Fall. The lipstick is moisturizing and doesn’t dry out my lips but it fails in the comfortable to wear department. The color is described as shimmering warm brandy and maybe it’s the “shimmers” that are my problem. I feel some gritty flecks in this when applying it. Something I don’t expect from Nars…ever. The gold flecks look pretty (see picture above) but I don’t want to feel them. Those same glittery flecks get caught in any lip lines if you have them also. So if that has been an issue for you in the past beware!









I like sheer lipsticks in general from Nars. Shrinigar is the first one I purchased a while ago. Autumn Leaves just fails to work as well for me. The texture isn’t a favorite but I do love my Pure Matte Lipstick Amsterdam from this Falls Nars Collection. If you have a chance check that color out. It’s much deeper but comfortable to wear. I see myself getting a lot more use out of that than Autumn Leaves.

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  1. Jakara says

    I love the color…. I am trying so hard not to purchase it. I need to do a huge Nars haul! I want the new palettes too! I am really loving the fall collection!

  2. Jenny08 says


    This color is GORGEOUS on you and your skin tone! Shame you don’t like it as much as the others, because the shade is pretty. Have you tried Scarlet Empress? It’s hands down my favorite Nars lipstick (Funny Face is a close second). These two look amazing on deeper skin tones.

  3. Lisa says

    I just picked up autumn leaves today. I am on a real orange kick lately and felt that I didnt need another but after I swatched it on my hand I was in love. I didn’t realize the shimmer particles were from the lipstick. I thought it wsas my lip scrub at first. You are right, you definitely feel it, but it may be my perfect orange; I think it looks great on you as well.

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