Nars Cordura and Brumes Duo Eyeshadows

I picked up two Nars eye duos a few months ago and I’ve been using them but never posted the swatches. I love most Nars shadows but picked these two duos in particular because I wanted sets that I could use by themselves without needing any other shadow to help finish my makeup look. At $34 a duo I figure I should get something that does not need any additional help after all!

Here’s a closer look at both duos with swatches. First up my favorite of the two, Cordura. It’s a shimmering warm rich brown along with a shimmering sooty dark brown. I just love saying the word sooty. Ha!

















Next up is the Brumes duo. It’s a matte charcoal along with a pretty blue slate color.

















Don’t let Brumes fool you. In the pan and swatched it looks kind of boring. On the eyes it looks amazingly pretty and mysterious. I love the matte shade (left in pics) because it’s such a smooth pigmented color.  Some brands make mattes that are so difficult to work with but thank goodness this isn’t one of them. It’s not chalky and doesn’t take forever to blend out.

Check both of these duo’s out at Sephora or your favorite Nars counter. I love them both!

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  1. JenJ says

    I’ve been eyeing the Cordura duo for the longest time thanks to TiffanyD. Reminds me of one of the L’Oreal Hip Duos. I’m sure I’ll pick it up at some point. Brumes looks interesting.

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