Nars Danmari All About Cheeks Blush Palette

I really am glad that I picked up the Nars Danmari palette in a recent Sephora sale. This palette has one of my favorite Nars blush colors Desire (hot pink) in it and a few other popular shades that I never tried before this purchase. There is a highlighter and a bronzer in the palette also. For $65 and a 20% discount this is a great all in one set. Right now this isn’t in stock at but hopefully it will be back soon.

I was on the fence about getting this because lets face it I don’t go for many natural more subtle colors when it comes to blushes. But what these colors (Orgasm and Super Orgasm) are able to give me is a neat glowy cheek look which I like. For my skin tone the end result is a nice change-up. There is nothing wrong with natural…and everything mixes well with the Desire blush. I love mixing colors so I’ve been mixing things up and making my own shades since I got this.

Hungry Heart, Super Orgasm, and Desire (top row)

Casino, Orgasm, and Sin (bottom row)









Swatched (sunlight/regular light)

Left to Right above: Hungry Heart (gold ivory), Super Orgasm (peachy pink with gold glitter), Desire (cotton candy pink), Casino (dark brown with golden shimmer), Orgasm (peachy pink with golden shimmer), Sin (berry with gold shimmer)

Pick this up if you want to get a good deal and you like these colors. It’s limited edition. The individual size of each pan isn’t the regular blush size (.16 oz) instead its .12 oz per shade. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that individually Nars blushes are $27 each and this whole palette is $65. I cry at the register each time I buy a new Nars blush, they are crazy expensive. So this works for me!

Rated A

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  1. says

    Orgasm and Super Orgasm doesn’t work well on my complexion, i’ve had both and sold both on my Blog sale, I love Desire and love wearing it with a variety of pink lipsticks… the look is delicious!

  2. Pappetee says

    Hi Crystal! I definitely agree that this is good deal for those who want to try NARS and for NARS lovers, of course! Even if I already have similar colors in my stash, I’m happy that I grabbed one (before it sold out completely) as I am bringing and using it mostly when I travel out of town, hence saving me space in my suitcase. :-)

    • says

      Yeah I think its a great space saver. I also never would have purchased Orgasm and Super Orgasm unless I could get a deal on them cause they aren’t staple colors for me.

      • Pappetee says

        Same here, let’s just say Orgasm and SO aren’t my fave colors. Maybe next year NARS would come up with more blush palettes with their pinks or more pigmented blushes. :-)

  3. xdelice says

    the collectioner in me wants this darn palette too but i have 4 of the 6 already so please enjoy this one for me!
    i do admit that if this had some taj mahal in it and some albatross i d be beating the streets for it right now but quit frankly there is just a little bit too much orgasm in this one for me…. never the less great product and excellent choice girl, more nars is always good!!!

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