Neutrogena Shine Control Primer and NYX Shine Killer Reviewed

Question: Guess which one of these two shine control products worked for me?

Answer: Neither.

Talk about depressing. I got so excited about new drugstore products coming out for shine control. I have an oily t-zone and this time of year I have issues. I need something to keep the shine at bay and keep my makeup looking fresh in the crazy summer heat. Without primer or some type of oil control I notice my t-zone oiliness creeping through after about 90 minutes-2 hrs when the temperature gets high. I found some products that I love last year and with this years round of releases I was full of hope.

So far this years new releases have been a bust. I’m trying another new shine control primer from another brand as I write this and after three hours of wear its not working either. Booooo! I’ll review it soon for you. It’s an expensive brand too. Curses.

Neutrogena Shine Control Primer is 1 oz. (approx. $13) and based on the package/back of the product it should:

-Control shine all day with or without makeup

-Extends the wear of makeup

-Matte finish

-Won’t over dry skin or clog pores

Directions for use: Apply all over face after moisturizer and before foundation. Suitable for all skin tones.

I got shine control for 3 hours. I didn’t break out or notice any type of bad skin reaction using this. I tried it with makeup and without. I liked the texture of this primer. It reminds me of a thick white moisturizer cream but it dries clear on my skin. Even on a day when I was inside in the air conditioning the shine crept through in 3 hours. Total fail.

Rated D (at least I didn’t break out!)

NYX Shine Killer is .67 oz. (approx. $13) and based on the NYX website information it should:

-Extend the wear of your makeup

-Look flawless throughout the day

-Reduce oil and shine

Directions for use: Apply prior to your usual makeup routine.

I got better results with this formula. It’s a clear gel and it dries on my face without leaving any color behind. The Shine Killer controlled my oil for 4-5 hours. It stopped the shine for 6 hours inside while I was at home in the air conditioning. Not as bad a fail as Neutrogena but I would say that they can do better.

Rated C-

Last year I had much better results with Super Matte Anti Shine and Cover FX Matte Foundation Primer. But they are expensive. It looks like the best product for me so far at the drugstore is the $6 super effective Black Radiance Shine Control Primer. It lasts 8+hrs on me which is so much more than the Neutrogena and NYX.

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  1. charlotte says

    That’s a shame about the other products, but the Black Radiance primer is my HG.. and I have quite fair skin so this is a product for any skin tone. Light, creamy, and as you said a little goes a long way, I use mine on my entire face (except the eye area) almost every day, with or without makeup, and a bottle lasted for over six months. It’s fantastic if you don’t want to apply makeup but still want to control the oil. So inexpensive, and most Walmarts sell it. Both Walmart and Walgreens have store search features on their website if you are trying to find it. Their eyeshadows are really great too. The quads look a bit strange, kind of dry in texture, but when you use the product I have found them very pigmented, long lasting (I always use primer), and they have really nice color selections.

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