New L’oreal Infallible Eye Shadow Shades (Swatched)

A huge display in Walmart stopped me in my tracks today.

New L’oreal Infallible shades for $7 each. There are no words….here are some pictures and quick swatches!

Remember you can click on a picture and make it BIGGER!

Golden Emerald, Endless Sea, and Liquid Diamond (top row-left to right)

Glistening Garnet, Bottomless Java, and Smoldering Plum (bottom row-left to right)

Golden Emerald, Endless Sea, and Liquid Diamond (top row)

Glistening Garnet, Bottomless Sea, and Smoldering Plum (bottom row)

Update: A few of you have asked about swatches for the other 3 new Summer L’oreal Infallibles, that post from last month is here.

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  1. Stacie says

    OMGoodness! It’s like they read my mind. Most of these colors are ones I really thought they were lacking in this collection. Especially the emerald to go with Golden Sage and the mid-tone blue to go with whatever the light blue one is, the name is escaping me. These things are a serious addiction for me. I already have all the others, now I need these too!!!

    • says

      Yes they are brand new Loreal shades and were in a large display at the end of an aisle in walmart. Bad to the Bronze is a nice Maybelline Color Tattoo shade.

  2. Kelsey says

    I’ve never tried an infalliable shadow because I don’t have an eye primer yet and I’ve heard they’re much better with primer. I will definitely need to grab the liquid diamond and smoldering plum shades though. That dark purple looks like it would make a really nice eyeliner shade.

  3. Amoure says

    Clicking and enlarging the picture definitely sealed the deal even more that I need these gorgeous shadows in my life. I had been debating the first round of shadows but how can you deny such pigmentation and gorgeousness. Thanks for sharing them and the swatches.

  4. T.R. says

    Okay time to start stalking. I can’t wait to they hit the drug store. I don’t do Walmart (on personal issue :O) but I will pick up all 6. Maybe I’ll look tomorrow. :O)

    • says

      LOL I hope they get there soon. The display I saw was on its last legs. I hate how when things like this come out they never have enough.

  5. Dawn says

    Have you tried the 3 summer or spring colors. I’m in love with the olive green! I’m so excited to try and find the new 6 that as soon as my son finishes breakfast were heading out!

  6. suz5ive says

    Haven’t thought to check out Walmart. CVS and Rite Aid still have the golden displays up. What state are you from Crystal? Hoping if I make a trip over to a Walmart, that they’ll have these new shades. Has anyone else stopped them at any other stores yet?

    • says

      I’m in MD. Everything I’ve read from other websites has these new colors at Walmart. Hopefully they are coming to other stores soon.

  7. Dawn says

    I couldn’t find them but there are several walmarts within a forty minute drive! I first fell for this texture when I bought the cargo metallico purse filled with makeup. The dark black shadow is the same texture but is more sheer when blended and becomes a gorgeous glittery grey.

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