New Mac Lipstick Favorites From A Novel Romance-Yield to Love & Good Kisser



Mac makes me so mad with all the limited edition madness. Things sell out so fast! I had to show you these two shades from the A Novel Romance collection though. They are both really good colors and just in case you can still find them or see them at the CCO in a few months you will be able to decide if you want to indulge!

First up Yield to Love….it’s a Cremesheen and something really pretty that I’d feel comfortable wearing everyday.


And then the one I knew I wanted because it reminds me of Usher who I am kind of obsessed with Good Kisser. This beauty has a matte finish.


At $16 these two pretty lipsticks are dupable but for a bit of a collector like myself they make me really happy!  One thing that I thought was strange is that Yield to Love looks darker on the Mac site (see the first pic above of lipstick tube) than it really is. And Good Kisser is way brighter than I thought it would be. Good Kisser is almost neon like on me! Not that I’m complaining. I get longer wear out of Good Kisser but thats not rare for a matte finish lipstick. It lasts for 5 hrs or more depending on what you are drinking and eating. With Yield to Love I get a shorter amount of wear. More like 4 hrs but touching up is nice. As usual there is a vanilla like scent and no taste with these lipsticks.

In closing Mac please make more of shades like this to go around. Having the limited edition blues isn’t good for you customers!

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