New Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon!









Revlon Lip Butter-Wild Watermelon

A few weeks ago I showed you guys the other new Lip Butter I purchased from Ulta called Sorbet. I love that shade and got Wild Watermelon recently and it’s just as good! This is a bright red shade that looks bright pink in certain light. I love my brights so this is a welcome edition to my stash!

I love the way Lip Butters feel on the lips. They are moisturizing and really comfortable to wear. Butters wear down fast but they are so incredibly soft I don’t mind. Don’t put one in your pocket on a hot day or leave them in the car either. I’ve had a few Lip Butter melt downs…

Check for this at Ulta or a drugstore near you. I like that these are not limited edition. Just look for the “New Shade” sticker in the picture above. I’ve seen these in the regular Revlon aisle not in a display quite often so just because you don’t see a display doesn’t mean they aren’t there! Take a really good look at your local drugstore. On average these colors are around $7. There are two other new shades available called Juicy Papaya and Pink Lemonade that are lighter on pigmentation if thats more appealing to you!

Let me know if you have already picked one of the new colors up. I’m so greedy I want them to come out with new colors every few months. I can’t get enough!

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