New Spring 2014 Limited Edition Maybelline Color Tattoos Swatched!


I did a YouTube video on these new Spring Color Tattoos but I wanted to also give the people that asked a few pics of swatches! So here we go with those and let me know if you are into some of these shades. I’d love to know!


Pure Nude, Being-ing Beauty, Nude Compliment, Sleek & Spice, Caramel Cool, and Stroke of Midnight


 Pure Nude, Beige-ing Beauty, Nude Compliment, Sleek & Spice, Caramel Cool, and Stroke of Midnight

Since doing the video on these I have figured out what my favorites are. It’s basically the last four. Nude Compliment is a cool taupe-ish beauty. Sleek & Spice is a darker looking taupe that I think will be the most wanted out of all of these shades. Using it with your Naked Palette is a must. Caramel Cool is a pretty gold. And last but not least Stroke of Midnight. I’ve been waiting for a sparkly black Color Tattoo forever. The silver sparkles in this beautiful black are amazing!

I haven’t done any comparisons and doubt that I will have time to. Just wanted to get some swatches up so I hope this was helpful! Look out for these to be at your favorite drugstore soon. I picked mine up at Bed Bath & Beyond for $5.79 each.



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  1. Ellie says

    After watching your video, I was already on the hunt for Sleek and Spice. I’m still checking out my local BBB every few days. Hopefully I can find these before they sell out! Thanks for the swatches Crystal. It is quite convenient to have them here in one place on your blog.

  2. Franseca m. says

    Thanks to your YouTube swatches and suggestions I picked up Sleek & Spice, Caramel Cool and Stroke of Midnight at BBB. They didn’t have Nude Compliment, but I figured Sleek & Spice would suffice.

  3. Ronda says

    I picked up your four favorites Nude Compliment, Sleek & Spice, Caramel Cool, and Stroke of Midnight at my local Rite Aid today after stalking for these items for the past week or so. They did not have the display for the quads or lipsticks available. The only thing now I’m missing is the Take It off quad.

  4. niane says

    i always have a hard time finding the LE color tattoos. The only one i ever found were gold shimmer (hidden in the perm display) and the bright colored ones which i didn’t want. But i lucked out 3 days ago at a duane reade and actually found a full display so i picked up caramel cool, sleek and spice and nude compliment. my fav is caramel cool.

  5. aries says

    i was been waiting very patiently to get these tattoo shades and finally found them this weekend! prior to, i was content with admiring all the pretty swatches online, and was particularly happy that i found yours. i only wish i paid more attention to yours and less to the many others. these look sooo amazing on people with lighter complexions and so washed out and drab on me. i was so looking forward to wearing all the colors and was saddened when only one, the sparkly black, was nice. if i paid better attention to your swatch i would’ve noticed that you can hardly distinguish which shade is which (excluding the last two), and what the finish is. at least i have a nice sparkly black now. :)

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