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Chanel Alchimie Nail Colour, $27 at Nordstrom

This pretty khaki green for Fall from Chanel is a feisty one! I had to be very careful with my brush strokes in order for my nails not to come out streaky. But the end result is so pretty. This color is a great for Fall. It makes me think of leaves and moss. Sound strange? Well I am strange didn’t you know that already?









I used a base coat, two coats of Alchimie, and a top coat. This is not one of those colors you can just slap on. I’ll avoid using this polish if I’m doing my nails after a glass of wine thats for sure.

Take a look at this shade next time you are at Nordstrom or your favorite Chanel counter. It’s worth a peek! I found it to be interesting because there isn’t anything like it in my stash. I love Fall polishes so this is my time of year to go a little nuts!

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  1. otti says

    Woooooooooow Crystal!! You’ve finally got it. Gorgeous color for fall. I’ve heard that it has a streaky result but doesn’t look like that on your nails.

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