NOTD: Death of My Favorite Glitter Ever-OPI’s Mad as a Hatter!


I’m going to get emotional about this one. This is my favorite nail polish ever. It came out years ago in the Alice and Wonderland collection from OPI in 2010. My bottle is on its last leg. I have very little left so its the end of an era. A very sad end. I remember the first time I saw Mad as a Hatter. I was obsessed with it. It’s the perfect glitter. I’ve never loved a glitter polish as much as this one. Why I didn’t get two bottles I’ll never know. I should have gotten more than two really. This stuff is the best.


I’ve just never seen anything like it. If you have come across something similar let me know. I guess I have to move on…gulp, sniff sniff. I used a base coat, two coats of Mad as a Hatter, and a top coat. I’ve had to add polish thinner over the years to keep my bottle going but that’s not even working anymore. The texture is a goopy mess now but I’m going to try to put it on my toes one more time. I remember going on vacation a few years ago and getting a pedicure before we left. I handed the nail technician my bottle of MAAH and even she was like wow this stuff is beautiful. Ahhh the memories.



Well I’m going to enjoy this manicure and slap on another round of top coat to make it last. Please let me know if you have a favorite nail shade that you are holding on to! I may just keep this in my cabinet even though I can’t use it. I’m a little cray cray like that!

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  1. Delinda says

    Love the new website. My favorite polish is china glaze sex in the city. It really us best shade of turquoise. I love It on my toes. It makes me smile .

  2. Sarah S. says

    Crystal, the new website looks beautiful! As do your nails!

    I know the feeling of using those last precious drops of nail polish. It’s like saying goodbye to an old friend. I hope you find something equally as sparkly and gorgeous to fill the void. :)

  3. says

    This is absolutely gorgeous…. I wish I had a bottle….. I bought a back up bottle of my very 1st China Glaze Re-Freshmint. Then I somehow broke the backup…. I still have the original but it’s halfway gone…. I know I can still get it but I can’t believe the backup broke….lol…. the nail polish madness! Yes, I agree that u should keep the bottle for memorabilia sake! :)

  4. T.R. says

    Crystal have you tried Nail Pattern Boldness’ Glitter Food. It’s an indie brand sold on etsy and Glitter Food is has two purposes, one to give a smoother cover for your glitters prior to your top coat AND to “fix” your glitter polishes. It’s usually for bigger glitter that has separated from the base but I say you never know. Now you are making me go and check my MAAH. :O)

    Here’s a link to a sold out one. :O) Hope this helps

    Like the new site. I love James Bond so I love the Bond girl reference.

  5. Olga says

    OMG I just threw out my bottle of the Mad as a Hatter today! Indeed it’s gorgeous, but my beef with it was that it was so terribly difficult to get off. Also, it dried up and became super-gloopy, and nothing (thinners, nailpolish remover, etc.) would rescue it. Looks great on the nails, but wouldn’t re-purchase it even if I could.

  6. Kate says

    I looked this up and there is a nail polish called Crazy as a Capper. If you search that up on google, you will probably find it. I think it is a pretty close dupe. Tell me if it’s any good!

  7. Yadeliz says

    OPI Sparkle-icious is a very good match. The only thing is that is more of a gold glitter than a silver glitter, but it is gorgeous either way :).

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