NOTD: Deborah Lippmann Let’s Go Crazy & My New Nail Polish Rack!



I must say this isn’t my favorite Deborah Lippmann polish. I’ve loved so many others and used them over and over but this one…well it’s just not my fav. It’s got a great name. Anyone that knows me knows I’m a huge Prince fan. I’ve seen the man in concert so many times. I will drop everything to go see Prince in concert. The man knows how to entertain thats for sure. It’s such a good time. One thing I learned right away is that Prince has an amazing sense of humor. It’s like a comedy show as well as great music.

But this confused purple glitter polish leaves me wishing it had a lighter purple base so the glitter can come through! It’s not all it could be in my opinion. Oh well it is kinda cute.

deborahlippmannletsgocrazyI used a base coat, two coats of Let’s Go Crazy, and a top coat. Ahhh I wish I loved this more but I can’t be too upset it does look nice for the most part. I think I’d like it more with a lighter or thinner purple base so the glitter could really show through. Oh well its still very, very pretty!



But thats not even the biggest news of the day! The best and biggest news is that my nail rack is all finished. Take a look!




I got this rack for the makeup room after taking a look at a few on I picked this one because it looked sturdy (it really is-there are four different spots to screw it into the wall) and it holds approx. 108 bottles. The only brand that I couldn’t fit in here is my Dolce & Gabbana polish bottles. They are very tall and didn’t fit in the rack at all. But all the other brands I have fit.

Here are the details: Pana 2014 Nail Polish Rack, $38.99+ $5.99 shipping from seller Beauticom. I think it even comes in other colors but I forget which ones. I thought this was a great deal and the shipping really blew me away because this thing is HEAVY. I thought shipping would be a killer price wise. It came in less than a week also which is nice.

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  1. tiffany says

    i think that polish is cute on you! i also love that rack; it makes me want to start on building up a polish collection asap lol

  2. SuzyB says

    That’s looks great, so neat and organized. I’ve been thinking about re-doing my current set-up. Can you tell me if the Butter London bottles are able to go sideways? And, if there’s a reason the D&G can’t go at the top?

  3. Bernadette says

    Love the name of the polish! Right away I instantly started singing the song when I saw the name! I’m a fan too! Right now I’m obsessed with ‘breakfast can wait’ song! Can’t get enough! …. Love your reviews!

  4. says

    “Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life…”

    That’s a pretty polish. *goes over to hsn*

  5. spaceKase says

    Crystal are you going to be ordering a secod rack for your drugstore polishes or do you have a different set up for them? The rack is so cute, its alot classier than the acrylic racks!

    • says

      I ordered a smaller storage item for drugstore polishes and high end lipsticks they haven’t come yet. Thanks I was looking into acrylic racks but so many of them have bad reviews for falling apart and I didn’t want that to happen!

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