NOTD: Dior Bahia Nail Duo-I’m Gonna Show You The Pink Shade

Dior Bahia #002 Nail Duo, $29 at Nordstrom

I will say it again…Dior is my favorite high end brand when it comes to nail polish. To me beautiful colors and lasting power are key. I show a lot of lower cost brands that I love on this blog but this is my weakness. I just love DIOR. It looks good, the brush wand is good, and darn it the polish lasts like few do on me. It doesn’t chip, fade, and the only place it can’t hold on is the tips of my nails. Even there I feel like it’s fighting. It wears really slowly throughout the week…by about four days in I see the first signs of slight tip wear but for a bit (a week at least) its like I just had my nails done.








Check this out at your favorite place to get a little Dior. These two shades pictured are mini polishes by the way. They are .23 oz’s each. A regular bottle of Dior polish is .33 oz’s and $24 so if you’ve never tried the brand this might be the time if you really like the shades. The colors aren’t unique but the quality is in my book. There are two duo’s available in the Birds of Paradise Collection.

It’s going to take me a while to show them all to you because I need to enjoy the individual colors on my nails. I’m selfish like that. Here’s a look at the other duo in a promotional picture. The set (#001) is on the right side. It’s beautiful. I have a weakness for blue usually but lately green/teal colors are coming in a close second.

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  1. otti says

    Oh lucky you Crystalis, you have them already!! I 100% agree with you on Dior polishes amazing quality, they’re the best by far in the market, only downside is price yet they worth it. Dior polishes are pretty shiny with an incredible pigmentation and, as you said, their durability is amazing too, on my nails they can last up to 5 days looking still pretty fresh with no chipping or peeling. I may pick up the other duo (Samba) as well ;-)

    • says

      I grabbed them fast! As a lover of the brand I really wanted to get two shades for $24 because I agonize over getting one bottle all the time. Smaller bottles I might use up seem so tempting I couldn’t resist. I put trying the new gel top coat they have on hold but these I’ll never be able to get off my mind! Gotta grab em!

  2. otti says

    Oh, definitely two shades for $24 is a good deal. I will grab both duos for sure ;-) The teal metallic shade from the Samba duo is tempting me so much, it looks so gorgeous and shiny for summer.

  3. Africanorchid says

    Grabbed my Bahia set and waiting for the UPS man to drop off my goodies from Nordstrom, Can’t wait. That color looks great on you Crystal. :-)

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