NOTD: Dior Exquis Nail Polish

There are a few nail polish colors that I have to show you from holiday collections and I am going to do it before they disappear! I don’t know that this one is a LE color but in case it is here we go!









It’s been snowing this afternoon so I don’t have as much natural light to work with as I’d like. But I wanted to show you what happens in the light with this color….

It’s even more gorgeous! I love murky, dirty colors like this. And the gold finish just classes it up a bit don’t you think? Ha!

But if you like brighter colors I got a neat new one (new to me) from trolling on Amazon’s Marketplace. I go there when I want something from a few years ago that I missed out on. They take AMEX points so I usually have enough of those to get some good stuff just using my points. I spotted this pretty color on a blog a while ago and I had this color on my list of things I must find. Well I spotted it on Amazon and ordered it with a quickness! It came last week and I am in love with it!

Chanel Pulsion #547 Nail Polish

I’ll do a NOTD with it soon.

Happy Monday!

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