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Today’s shade is an interesting one that I picked up in those sneaky tiny bins that line the checkout aisle at Sephora. Usually I avoid looking in those bins because there is always something I’d like to try in them. I’ve picked up trial sizes of everything in those suckers and for months I’ve been able to avert my eyes but this shade sparkled at me. It was calling me. The light was hitting it just right and I picked it up before I knew what I was doing.

I did a base coat, two coats of color, and a top coat. I must say I really like using a base coat. I didn’t for years and now that I am using the China Glaze top coat I really see a difference. The biggest thing that I notice is that glittery polishes like this one come off much easier if you lay a base coat down first.

I love this color its a dark sparkly green and get this it was $5! Yay me! This was the only color left that I saw but I’m glad I picked it up. I’ll look for some other colors next time.

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