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This is the color I’m in love with lately so my passion for blue continues. This is my second time using this polish since I purchased it. I love it because its so deep blue that it’s almost black. But it has a great shimmer to it. I did a base coat, two coats of color, and a top coat. I purchased this at Ulta and I think it was $4.99, what a deal!

Usually when I’m going through a nail crisis (several nails broke last week) I usually reach for the glitter but I love using a deep polish shade to get me through things as well. It’s so funny that several nails on each hand cracked at once. I pulled out the clippers and squared everything off. Since I’ve been taking the Biotin my nails grow fast so I’m hoping in a few weeks things will be back to normal.

Check this shade out at Ulta or the drugstore. If you’re looking for something different and you love deep shades or have a passion for blue then get this!

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