NOTD: Zoya Pippa w/Nubar Black Polka Dot

Zoya Pippa and Nubar Black Polka Dot Nail Polish

I was feeling a little cold and hating on winter so I decided to do a really fun Spring like manicure. I got Zoya’s Pippa recently from Ulta’s discount bowl recently. It was $3.99 and the Nubar Black Polka Dot came out a while ago but I purchased it on Amazon. I think I saw Nubar’s Black Polka Dot on a blog called Nails in Nippon that I follow.









I did two coats of Pippa. I was really pleased with the color. Sometimes yellow is a disaster on the nails. You definitely need two coats though. I did one coat of Nubar Black Polka Dot. It was kind of hard to get the polka dots where I wanted them and I gave up….then I did a top coat. Overall I’m happy with this. It’s a fun little change-up for boring nails:)

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  1. Kickback says

    Beautiful application! I just added these two lovelies to my amazon gift list so the hubbster will have a ready list of goodies to give when the need arises. Thoughtful of me, eh? Teehee

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