Nuance Walnut Body Scrub









I’m a big fan of exfoliation. There is nothing worse than having scaly patchy skin. I have used quite a few products in the past from LUSH to help with exfoliation in the shower but I was really excited to see something cheaper in the drugstore last week that might help me keep my skin nice and smooth. I love LUSH but the high prices are something else aren’t they?









The 8 oz tube that the product comes in is pretty so they get points for packaging that’s for sure. The actual consistency of the product is really nice. They are using crushed walnut shells to exfoliate the skin in this product and they are very finely ground. That’s important because as much as I like exfoliation I do not like using something too rough that will irritate my skin. They got the texture just right. The scent is pleasant not overpowering at all. I really have enjoyed using this and would get it again. The only problem is where to keep it. I have been keeping it in the shower mostly but  my favorite thing to use it on is my hands! It’s just perfect for when I give myself a manicure. So it goes in and out of the shower a lot but that’s ok. I haven’t been using it long enough to tell you whether it helps firm or tone the skin. I have heard over and over again that caffeine can help do that. We shall see. So far I really like this scrub so I’m going to wait till Christmas time to visit LUSH. This is about $8 at CVS. Check it out!

Rated A

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

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