Nude Drugstore Gloss Week: Hard Candy Glossaholic-Icing









Hard Candy Glossaholic Lip Gloss-Icing, $5 at Walmart









First up for drugstore nude gloss week is a pretty shade from Hard Candy called Icing. Who doesn’t love a little icing? Geez I could eat a whole cake! I never have but it sounds fun doesn’t it? I have seen some of those eating contests on TV and forget pounding down hot dogs I wanna see somebody eat a sheet cake. Now that I could get excited about!

I think you’ll notice this week that I like my “nudes” to have some sparkle or color to them. I don’t wear nudes as often as I do brights but I just love a pinky nude most of all and a shimmery nude can’t be beat in my eyes. So you won’t see milky nudes here, you’ll see nudes with some fire to them! I hope thats okay.

My local Walmart got a visit from me for this project. I went to the cosmetics section and wondered if I could find my perfect nude for less. I have some high end nudes that I love and at $30 a pop it gets old buying them. I got all six nudes in my previous post for a little over $30. I had a seventh already purchased Rimmel shade at home to add to nude gloss week and that brings the total to $37. Good deal!

Hard Candy’s Glossaholic line is full of pretty shades. I loved the sparkle that I saw in the tube and quickly picked Icing up. As you can see in the picture above this gloss comes with a LARGE doe foot applicator. It’s huge! Did you get any of the glosses from the Mac Wonder Woman collection? If you did this wand is just as big. Not sure I like that.









Icing looks fantastic but there are a few things that about this gloss that might not work for you. First off you can feel the glitter in the formula. When I press my lips together I can feel the glitter specks. Also this gloss has a very heavy scent. It smells like candy so I like it-or maybe it really is icing lol? But if you are sensitive to smells you might want to get a whiff before you head home with this. This gloss also tastes very sweet. Again I like that but some won’t. Overall to me the only real drawback is feeling the glitter. I will use this for sure but not as much as I would if the glitter wasn’t so chunky. I like to PILE my gloss on as you can see. I lather it on!









Check out the Hard Candy Glossaholic line if you love to sparkle and don’t think feeling the glitter will bother you much! Jinx digs it!


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