Nude Drugstore Gloss Week: NYC Liquid Lipshine-Nude York City









NYC Liquid Lipshine Nude York City, $1.97 at Walmart









This one is HOT! Where has this gloss been all my life? I have to admit when a bunch of Nude York City lovers told me this was their number one favorite nude (mostly on Instagram) I was thinking really? I didn’t see it…but after the first dip into the tube I got it. This looks fantastic on! I’m talking nude nirvana….

The liquid lipshine formula feels really nice on the lips and the shimmer is nice and smooth and understated. The shimmer doesn’t jump out at you and scream “I’ve got some glittery bits on my lips”.  I think this is a serious home run y’all. And the other wonderful thing about this is the price. Nude York City was a budget friendly $1.97.

There is a very strong scent so sniff this before you buy. I think this lippie smells really nice though. I love glosses that smell sweet and like food. I wish I could find a gloss or lipstick that smells like gummy bears. I’d wear it every day! I haven’t had any gummy bears in weeks and I had a dream the other night and I swear colored bears where walking though my dream…crazy huh?

Besides Walmart I see NYC products at Target and CVS also in my area. I haven’t tried much from the brand but this is the gateway product thats for sure. I will look at other lip products next time I go to Walmart. Now they have me curious.

Please get this if you are looking for an inexpensive but fun not so boring nude! Let me know if you’ve tried this pretty gloss already! I think I’m the last one to the Nude York City party:)

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  1. Nicollette says

    I got this from the Influenster 2012 Holiday box to try out and it is amazing! I’m tempted to get more colors, but I don’t know if I’ll like any as much as this one! :)

  2. Kaarin says

    This looks gorge on your lips. So what did I do…ran out to purchase it of course. I’m so glad I did. Totally worth it and mad I didn’t jump on these sooner. I like the sweet scent of it and its moisturizing. I paired it with WNW Fergie Bebot Love lipstick. Now I think the Bebot Love lipstick (my first fergie purchase) smells like a multivitamin (ewww grosss who wants to smell vitamin on their lip haha) But topping it the sweet scent of Nude York City it totally offsets that smell. I say its a win/win. :) have you tried any of the Fergie lippies?

    • says

      I’m so glad you picked this up! I have three Wet n Wild Fergie lippies that I don’t show enough love. I don’t have that one but now I’m going to get a peek at it next time I’m at the store!

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