NYX Color Lip Balm-Obrigado

I have a love hate relationship with NYX. Some things I love other things I hate but when they do something right they tear it up! The Lip Balm in Obrigado is something that is really right!

Obrigado is a beautiful red shade and at $4 its a deal/steal. The color and moisture level are both right where they should be. Some days I just don’t want to put on lipstick or gloss but I want to “treat” my lips and still look decent. This is what I pull out and use on those days. Take a look at how pretty Obrigado is!









Please excuse the lint in my picture (left/above) of the tube. This is in my purse at all times so it can’t help but pick up every kind of random thing. Stickers, lint, and Tic Tac powder. Don’t ask…I need to clean my purse out seriously. It’s a wasteland of lip gloss colors.

Ok back to Obrigado this is such a good red balm that there aren’t many things I have that can top it. Actually Palladio’s Herbal Tinted Lip Balm in Rosey is a dollar less and slightly longer wearing but I think most people will like them both about the same. I usually touch up my balm every 3-4 hours to keep the color going.

There are twelve different balm shades available and something for everyone. Check these out at Ulta or anywhere you shop for NYX products!

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  1. says

    Interesting. I sweat it takes the one Ulta I go to forever either to get stuff or put it out. Haven’t seen these. Always on the hunt for a good balm. I don’t like Maybelline’s Baby lips. I only have 2 and I’m trying to use them jokers up quickly.

    • says

      The Ulta I go to never has NYX stuff in stock. It’s really bad its like all these empty shelves and kind of sad looking! I don’t like Baby Lips either. I gave those suckers away. A lot of people like them though so they aren’t all bad just not for me.

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