NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil-Hera #722

Have you ever tried a NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil? I know the Jumbo Eye Pencils are apart of many makeup collections but the Lip Pencils are really nice too. I love using slim pencil-like lip products because I don’t often use a lip brush. Using something like this pencil makes your lips look perfectly drawn in with color very quickly.

I got Hera #722 and I really like it. It’s a really pretty pink-ish purple shade. I think I used it for the first time right after I got it so I didn’t take a picture of it looking all perfect and brand new. So please excuse the first picture below. Sometimes I get so excited I just start slathering things on my lips without thinking about it.

NYX Hera Jumbo Pencil #722 (approx. $4.50)








Hera is super moisturizing on the lips and goes on smooth as butter. I checked out the NYX website (www.nyxcosmetics.com) and there are thirty shades available. I didn’t even know they had that many. It might be time to get some additional colors. You know strictly for review purposes…..ha!

Let me know if you have tried one of these and what color. I’d love to know!

Here is the YouTube video I showed this color in as well as some other NYX products just in case you missed it.

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  1. Jenny08 says

    I have a few of these. You will love Chaos!It’s a great pink! Dark Red is a good one too, if you like vampy colors, but it’s not too vampy. Definitely still wearable. Plush red is a fab red! It’s gorgeous. It’s one of those colors that really stand out when you wear it!

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