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I love cream blush. Once a friend of mine (hey frankie!) on YouTube schooled me on the right way to apply it I was hooked. I’ve tried so many brands and colors in recent months. One of my favorite economical brands for cream blush is NYX. They have some great colors and for $7 or so you have a product that’s going to last on your cheeks like a high-end alternative.

I have a few of these. I heard about how good they were and I got one to test it out and I was sold. I got a more sedate and calm color but after I realized how good it was I was ready for the loud and lovely colors like #08 Hot Pink. I love this color. It’s just the right pink for my cheeks. As you can see from my picture the consistency is really interesting. I guess that’s how I would describe it. It blends easily and I need a TINY bit for my cheeks. Usually what I do is put this cream blush on and put a nice pink powder blush on top. This combo of cream and powder blush lasts all day even in the summer time. I originally thought that I’d only be able to use this in the winter but I was wrong.

This is a great product to try if you want to get more into cream blush. There are over ten pretty shades and as I said this is about $7 at my beauty supply and $6.50 if you order from NYX online. Check it out!

Rated A

Disclosure: This product was provided for review by manufacturer or PR.

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    I totally adore the NYX cream blushes as well. I just ordered two from cherry culture dot com. It is terrific when you find something of high quality without having to pay the expensive price. I have used MAC’s cream blushes in the past–but those days are over, now that I have discovered NYX.

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