NYX Sangria In Madrid HD Grinding Blush









NYX Grinding Blush comes in really cool packaging. I really don’t know much about what all this HD Studio stuff is about, but I know I love a change-up when it comes to packaging. And I appreciate anything that helps me look more photogenic like it says on the front of this blush:)









This is easy to use, you just twist the bottom and the blush comes up and out through the slits. The only drawback that I see here is telling how much blush you have left in the container. I think a clear bottom would have been great. That way you could see how soon you were going to be done and prepare to get a replacement. I’m thinking that way because I LOVE THIS COLOR. It’s perfect. A nice redish coral, perfect for every day.

Other than that design drawback how freakin neat is this! I could twist this all day like a little fool:)









This is a beautiful perfectly pigmented shade. You can see how richly the color comes off on the brush in the shot on the left and on my hand in the picture to the right. I love the color payoff and staying powder on this blush. In testing this shade out it lasted a good 8hrs on me and stayed put even on a hot day. I’d definitely get another one of these. They are priced higher than regular NYX blushes (around $6) but still within striking range if you’re in the market for a good inexpensive blush. The HD Blush is $16.50 on the NYX website and at local retailers.

Rated B+

Disclosure: This product was provided for review by manufacturer or PR.

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