NYX Sponge Cake Mega Shine Lip Gloss

















I love this gloss. This isn’t going to be a wordy review because basically I bow down to the greatness of this gloss. It smells good enough to eat, looks amazing, and lasts 4 hours on me with touchups after meals/drinks. The long doe-foot applicator is nice and this is going in my purse cause its AMAZEBALLS! Ha!

I may have to stop complaining about how hard it is to find good neutrals because lately I’ve been hitting my neutral sweet spot among so many different brands. NYX products are available in my area at beauty supply stores and Ulta. There are some great deals on Ebay for NYX gloss as well just make sure you pick a seller with a ton of good feedback.

I have a few other Mega Shine Lip Glosses from NYX to show you and they are all inexpensive and fabulous.

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  1. Jini says

    This is really pretty. Now adding to my ever growing list. The shade African Queen is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t think Ulta carries that particular shade though. I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

  2. Rene says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds beauty deals on eBay. My favorite thing to do is go make up shopping and take notes on my iPhone of the things I’m interested in. Then I go home and see if I can find them cheaper on eBay. Does anyone else do that?

  3. Mia says

    This is gorgeous! I’ve shied away from NYX paler shades because I didn’t think they would look right on me or i’d have to fiddle with them to make them work. If you don’t mind, can you tell us (or just email me) the ebay seller you used? I haven’t used ebay in forever and I fear being burned…
    I know you said to use a seller with lots of feedback but I’m still worried :|

  4. JenJ says

    “I bow down to the greatness of this gloss” #ihollered bahahahaaa! Looks like a very pretty neutral. Will have to add this to de list. Always on the hunt for a good neutral for my skin tone which is somewhat similar to yours :)

  5. Lavendar says

    Thanks so much for this Crystal! I’m at some NYX display at least once a week…just staring at the lip glosses and wondering what to try first. You can never go wrong with nudes. Sponge Cake it is!

  6. Lora says

    Just wanted to say that you inspirted me to order this gloss. Can’t wait to see if it looks as good on me as it does on you. Perfect nude to go with the bright and/or colorful eyes I usually wear in Spring and Summer.

  7. Barbette says

    I just picked up Sponge Cake this weekend and I’m rocking it right now – I really like it! I keep singing the Chris Brown Rihanna “CAKE” song when I use it.

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